1 Minimum order:
Globelabmedical international orders are at least $ 100 each.
2 price:
The price shown in the purchase agreement is F.O.B. Globelabmedical is located in Guangzhou or is effective from the date of manufacture from the date of manufacture. All transportation, license fees, customs duties and other charges are paid by the buyer.
3 Payment Terms:
Prepayment: All international orders are required to be prepaid by wire transfer.
4 transport:
We can ship to almost any address in the world. Please note that some products are limited and some products can not be delivered to international destinations.
5 Stock items: After receipt of the order, most of the order will be shipped within 72 hours.
6 order:
We welcome and encourage regular orders. The regular price will be determined based on the annual quantity.
Private label:
Most items can use private labels. Please contact our sales department for the minimum quantity and condition.
7 Return:
Special order items are not returned.
If the order is incorrect, the customer is responsible for shipping costs.
30% of the replenishment fee applies to applicable items.
Globelabmedical is responsible for transportation costs due to Globelabmedical errors.
All returns require prior authorization. Unauthorized return will not be accepted. Periodically stored items can be returned in the original unopened carton within 90 days of the date of shipment.  The return of all goods shipped by the buyer responsible (two-way). Acceptable return charges are at our own discretion for at least 20% of the cover. After receipt of the returned goods through Globelabmedical, no credit will be issued and confirmed to be in a resaleable state. The lost return is the buyer’s responsibility. The proof of delivery, if required, is the buyer’s responsibility.